Sunday Funday

The fraternityx guys had some fun today with Tyler while fucking that little bitch’s ass. The guys caught him jerking off to their frat gay porn videos so they gave him some action. Everyone know that Tyler likes two things more than anything and those are poppers and getting gang-banged. Tyler is the

Tyler is the the type of guy that loves screaming, but no worries they are screams of pure pleasure as you are going to see in the video below. The guys started banging his hot ass but all that screaming wasn’t working for them today so they duck taped his mouth. While fucking his dumb ass the guys turned on the TV and watched the game too. The frat guys had a blast nailing his ass in this latest video and you can check it out below. Enjoy this and we’ll see you with more fraternity x videos next time!

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  • Updated August 16, 2017
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