Fucked Up

The frat guys found a new pound boy for their fraternity x house. This new guy didn’t have the best reputation, but he was perfect for them. He was new and from what they heard, this guy likes riding dicks, a lot. So the guys invited him to the house to get to know him. But the frat guys didn’t have any idea what they are going up to. This guy was crazy after dicks but no one expecting him to be this crazy. The frat guys had their fair share of crazy guys but this one was by the far the craziest by them all and they saw that right when he entered the house. He didn’t even bother to know everyone there, once he saw a dick he went straight to it.

The guy went crazy on them and took turns on riding cocks, he couldn’t get enough. The frat guys just laid back and let him do his thing. After he finished sucking off their dicks, he threw his butt on the ground. But the guys didn’t really like his screaming so one of them covered his filthy mouth. You gotta see this guy getting his ass drilled because it was epic. Don’t you just love these horny frat guys, the guys that are up to anything, without complaining even once. This is all for today but we’ll see soon with more updates!

Check out this frat guy getting his ass drilled!

  • Updated February 22, 2017
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