Ass Bashing

Hey there and welcome back! The guys had some ass bashing on their hands in this fraternity x latest update. The house bitch is the one getting all the action while cleaning out the house. The poor guy pissed the frat guys again and got his ass pounded hard, again! Tyler gets the guys angry each time it’s his cleaning day. He’s so focused on finishing everything, that sometimes he doesn’t pay too much attention at the rest of the guys. This time he decided to clean the closet above the TV while the guys were watching a fight. Right when it was about to finish he just stood there blocking the entire TV. The guys had that and everyone knew that including Tyler, but it was too late to fix it now because everyone was pissed with him.

By the way, they were screaming at him, Tyler knew what was going to happen next and he was right. The frat guys pinned his ass to the ground and started shoving their dicks in his hole. The guys pounded his face too. They nailed him real good this time. Before we go on, please visit for other the full fraternity x videos! Coming back, Tyler got used to that after living in their house for so long. The frat guys always get Tyler, that’s how he became the house bitch. See them in action below and don’t forget to get back for more updates from your favourite fraternity house.

Take a look at these frat guys banging the house bitch!