Fresh College Meat

Hey there and welcome back for another great fraternity x video. The frat guys got lucky again and found a fresh ass to bang and we are going to tell everything about this. His name is Ian and he became the house bitch in a really short amount of time. Ian was new in their class and after the way, he looked at everyone’s ass the guys knew that he was a great addition to the frat house. The guys invited him to their house that same night and threw a party for him. The poor guy didn’t know how to things work around their house, but the guy taught him later that night and he won’t forget that lesson and you can see everything below.

After they all got buzzed and smoked they decided to try out Ian and see if he fits in their household. The guys cornered him and bent him over the couch and started banging him in the middle of the house. Every guy there joined in for some action and Ian took it like a champ. the guys didn’t even need to tie him up or use any duct tape. He really likes getting fucked you could see it on his face as the guys got to pound his hot ass. After everyone dumped their loads in their brother’s ass they finally let him alone. Click here to see them in action and stay tuned for more!


See these frat guys banging their new brother!