Smart Ass Bottom Boy

One of the frat guys, Stone, has a big mouth again and you know the guys are the best in shutting them up. The smart ass started bragging about banging this hot chick from his class and telling everyone that he can get pussies whenever he wants. The other guys were pretty annoyed hearing him going on and one about it. But that wasn’t the thing that annoyed them the most. When the dumb ass started telling the guy that they get pussies that really pissed them so they shut his mouth, filling it with their cocks. The guy aren’t going to leave a smart ass like him get away so easily. They had to set an example and he was perfect for the job.

The poor guy got a lesson he won’t forget too soon about it. They thought him a real lesson while pounding his little sorry ass. They made sure that he was going to keep his mouth shut by taping him so they couldn’t hear him bitching while they were banging his ass. They gotta teach these younger bitches some respect and this is the perfect way to do it. From now on he will know better that talk to the guys that way. Check them out in action in the video below and don’t forget to get back for more steamy updates!


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  • Updated March 28, 2020
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Little Slut Bro

Tyler, the little slut bro got a hell of a ride from his frat brothers in this one. The frat guys were horny as fuck and bored so they asked Tyler to show them his hole. The poor guy was already shaking because he knew what was going to happen next and he was right. The guy bro’d him out and decided to bang the little horny slut. It might sound that the guys were hunting him but actually the little slut fucking loved every minute of it. This isn’t the first time that the guys tested Tyler’s ass and he got used to it and took it like a champ as the guys took turns on nailing his tight asshole all over the house.


Without knowing Tyler became the house’s little slut and he accepted his role in the household. So each time the guys were horny he was their go to guy. He might seem bothered at first but after the first minutes, it’s all pleasure for him. The guys have some work to do to keep him running but it’s all part of their game. The frat guys sure love playing their games with the younger and newest brothers. The poor guys don’t know in what they are getting into. Enjoy it and make sure you return for more!

Take a look at the frat bros banging their little slut bro!


Gang Bang Bitch Bro

The frat bros did it again! This time Frat-Boy Corey is the one getting his ass slammed by his brothers. You already know how things go in the frat house, a lot of drinking, beer, weed and games. That’s pretty much what an ordinary day looks like for them and they finished them in the best way possible with a rough fucking session. After all those beers the guys started staring at Corey. They couldn’t help but notice that Corey had some hot DSL’s.  They were all staring but only one of them made a move on their cute blonde brother. It’s been a while since they last pounded his little cute ass, so it was time to rewarding for the wait.


After just a few more beers the guys decided to make him their bitch. It started with one of the brothers but soon the rest joined. He started screaming like the little bitch he is, but eventually, the guys turned him into their little frat slut and Corey took all of their dicks up his tight cute ass. This is what happens when you live in the same house with guys that are horny all day long, 24/7. Things tend to get a bit out of control especially when the guys are buzzed and horny, which happens like every single day. Corey was the lucky one in this one and you can see him in action below!


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Frat Bro Gang Bang

The guys were doing what they know best, chilling watching some wrestling on the TV having some beers but it still felt lame so the guys convinced Tyler to give everyone some head. No matter what Tyler does he still ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. He isn’t the “go to” guy because he tends to whine a lot, but he was the only there so he will do this time. The guys taped his mouth to stop the bitch from screaming and took turns on banging his hole. All the guys blew their loads and they still got to see the match. It was a crazy afternoon that’s for sure!

Although Tyler, our little bitch, screams a lot he sure enjoys getting his ass fucked. We think that all that screaming is just an act, to avoid looking so desperate. Tyler had a couple of full days and you can watch them all in the updates. He ended up being the month bitch, the guys should really consider offering him this title because everywhere you turn there’s Tyler getting fucked or sucking some dude’s dick. He just can’t get enough dicks and it’s really fun watching him play hard to get. Well, this time a bit of duct tape did the trick and the guys got theirs and really fast.

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  • Updated March 31, 2020
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