Swole Bottom Bro

The frat guys are back with another amazing update and the guys had a blast as they banged Mike’s ass in this update. The guys were sitting, having a couple of drinks and smoking when they saw Mike walking around the room. One look and they started thinking about his bubbly ass and what it looked like in the shower. They knew that they got to pound him. Mike didn’t really had a chance with all those guys on him.

They took turns on feeding him, most of the time with two cocks at once, stuffing his mouth and his asshole raw. All the guys got the chance to pound him bareback and filled him up with cum. We can swear that Mike liked it too. It’s not like this is the first time this happened, he got used to it after his first week there. Mike’s ass always got a lot of looks, either when he was coming out of the shower or just when he was walking around the house. The guys had a thing for him and they weren’t too shy about it. So if you want to see more of Mike’s scene you can check out some of the older updates too. This was all from our favorite gay frat guys but we are sure that they are going to return with more steamy guy on guy fuck scenes for you guys. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time!

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Fratboy Punishment

The frat guys are back with another insane video and we have it here for you lucky guys. No matter how hard you try you just can’t get away from these guys. While they were chilling on one of their regular nights, having some beers and smoking weed. On of their frat brothers, Jessie accidentally knocks over their bang and spills it all on the floor. That might not seem such a big thing but in their frat house, that means that he is going to get fucked. Jesse knew that and he wasn’t too excited about the idea so he tried getting out of it but with no success. The guys were all around him holding a duct tape in their hands. He already knew what was going to happen next.

The little bitch, Jessie, didn’t give in so easily so they had to tape him up, so now he couldn’t move at all. The guys to bang him one by one and once they finished fucking him sideways and raw, Jesse hoovered all of their loads like the slutty pig that he is. The frat guys did it again with another video hardcore video. We can’t get enough of these videos because they do such an amazing job each and every time. Click here to see Jesse getting tied, fucked and jizzed by the entire fraternity in this hot video. See you next time with more gay frat updates.

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  • Updated March 9, 2020
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Hazed Hard And Raw

The frat guys were chilling, like they always do, watching some tv when they found this match. Frat bro Gauge just couldn’t understand how these fights really work so they guys wanted to show him. But as they were grabbing him, he accidentally touched one of the guy’s dick. He called him out but apparently, he touched everyone’s dick too. The little fag had to learn a lesson. The guys bent him over the living room couch and they all took turns slamming his tight ass raw. They end fucking the poor guy all over the house and he went through it all during that intense fucking marathon.

Struggling, crying and enjoying himself and them blowing a load on his face. Gauge is such a little pig slut. He even licked all the of the guys’ loads in his ass too. Gauge had a hell of a night but that’s what you get when you keep on touch other’s guys’ dicks without their approval. He wanted action and that’s what he got in this one and he isn’t going to forget too soon. You can see everything that happened in the gallery below. The guys had to take pictures during the entire fuck marathon. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more fraternity updates!

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Muscle Butt Bro

Frat bro  Mike has a really nice ass and the guys noticed it too. Sometimes when the guys get a bit out of control they love bending him over and pounding his hole raw. Mike is used to servicing the guys’ dicks getting load after load. Mike got used to the guys and to the fact that after every single party he gets his ass fucked. They always made comments about this fine ass, so he expected to get pounded as soon as they are buzzed.

Mike saw them at the last party looking all weird and slapping his ass each time he passed by so there wasn’t any surprise that he got his ass fucked. The frat guys took turns on banging his ass raw and like we said poor Mike got load after load dumped in his fine ass. The guys had to tie him up too and they put some duct tape on his mouth so he would shut the fuck up. Although there was a lot of screaming you could tell that Mike like it more that he showed it. Anyway, he was asking for it with an ass like his. You can see the frat guys in action in the video below and we are sure that you are going to enjoy it as much as we did. See you next time with more hardcore gay fucking videos!

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  • Updated March 13, 2020
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Frat Bro Fucked

The fraternity guys did it again in this latest episode. They were all fucked up, smoking weed, drinking beers and from that things got really foggy. The guys were watching a wrestling match and all that they remember is that one of the guys told them that he thinks wrestlers are hot. Next, they were all around him forcing their dicks down their brother’s throat and shoving them up his ass. Brother John got used to the frat bros blowing loads up his ass. Everyone knew that once they got hammered up they would bang anything with a pulse and that night he was the one at the receiving end.

You can’t mess around with the frat guys when they are wasted, they don’t really think too clear and you can see that in the picture gallery below. Even the smallest things can turn them on and from that point on everyone can get banged. This was John’s night because they guys took their time to fuck his sorry ass and they did an amazing job again. You just can’t catch a break with these guys. When you think things can’t get wilder here there are with another banger. No one is safe in the frat house and the guys really like fucking them as often as they can. Luckily they recorded it all because after how much they had to drink they surely forgot about it. See their hot update below!

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Bro Gangbang

They did it again in this video. The frat guys turned on one of their own and the poor guy ended up taking three raw cocks up his ass. The guys were chilling in the fraternity house so they had a few drinks and some weed to get them in the right mood.  After a couple of beers and tokes the guys got turned up, so they turned on one of their older brothers. You know how these guys turn up after a few drinks and everyone knows that they have to fuck someone. None of their usual guys were there so they had to turn on one of their oldest guys. It’s been a while since they all fucked him so why not? He was a bit surprised when he saw them all coming his way and knew what was going to happen.

Everyone knew that he likes it rough so they didn’t hold back on anything. The assholes really got him as they were banging him upside down and stuffing his ass, he was riding all 3 of them on the frat x couch. The guys didn’t have any mercy on his ass and made sure that they filled it with their loads. The guys missed pounding his ass and he sure liked getting his ass stuffed and filled. You can check them out in action in the video below and please don’t forget to get back for more updates tomorrow. Enjoy it and we’ll see you guys next time!


Take a look at the frat guys ass banging their brother!

  • Updated March 15, 2020
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Ass Slammers

The guys were getting ready for one more legendary frat parties. They were all boozed up and waiting in line to get in the shower. They only had one bathroom, so everyone was waiting for their turn. One of the frat brothers tried to sneak in front of everyone and was acting like nobody would notice. Guess who needed a lesson? The guys let him go to his shower with one condition. He had to get slammed by all of the guys while he was in there. The fucking slut took all three of the frat guys waiting in line. He thought that he can get away with it and that no one would notice him sneak in front. Well this is going to teach him a lesson he won’t forget too soon.


The guys continued their pre-party rituals and continued drinking and smoked some green to help them loosen up. Tyler, the sorry ass bitch that cut the line was way looser after the guys were done pounding his hole in every fucking direction. Everyone knows how much Tyler loves dicks and in this one, he shows it one more time. See them in another insane frat fucking marathon in the scene below and don’t forget to get back for more fraternity x gay fucking updates!


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Drunk, Lit and Gangbanged

Things get out of control pretty fast around the frat house. One minute the guys were having some beers, the next one they were fucking one of their brothers. The guys were chilling, like they always do in the house, smoking up, having some beers, but you know how alcohol turns them on. So it didn’t take them to long to find a guy to bang. There weren’t any freshmen guys around the house so they had to turn to one of their older guys to help them out. It’s been such a long since the last time they banged him. He knew that he wasn’t going to get rid of them so did his part, although he thought of running but he’s not a wuss.So he took it like a man, no running, no screaming and he also let the guys record him.

The poor guy couldn’t stop them until he serviced them all and got his ass pounded and loaded. The guys dumped their loads in his ass and on his face too. He is going to walk a bit funny for a couple of days for sure. The frat guys did it again and you gotta check out the entire video below to see everything that went down between the horny frat guys. We’ll see you next time with more real gay updates!


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  • Updated March 20, 2020
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Pass Around Ass

Well it happened again. You can’t expect too much from these guys mainly because they are wasted most of the time, so no one was surprised to see them turning their brother into a slut and passing his sorry ass around. The guys were drinking and smoking when one of their brothers started talking and arguing with everyone. Stone just couldn’t keep his mouth shut and the guys weren’t going to let him get away so easy. They told him a couple of time but he just wouldn’t listen so they had to take a more drastic measure.  The dumb as just wouldn’t shut the fuck up so tey left them no choice. They were out of duct tape so they had to use their dick instead to keep him quiet but it did the trick.

Their dicks seemed a great way to shut him up. Everything was a blur for everyone there but luckily they had the camera turned on and they recorded everything for us. The guys kept on passing Stone around the room so everyone got the chance to bang his sorry ass while the other guys took turns on stuffing his mouth with their fat dicks. Check them out in action in the video below and please make sure you return for more steamy gay updates staring your favorite fraternity guys. Enjoy!

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  • Updated March 21, 2020
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Drunken Frat Gangbang

The frat guys are back with another great video. The scene starts like most of them do, a few drinks, a lot of naked bodies and they, of course, ended up banging one of the guys. Nobody actually knows how they ended up naked, everything is blurry, like it usually is after drinking. They could only remember jumping over Tyler. No one actually knew what he told them that pissed them off that bad, but one thing is for sure, his ass got slammed hard by the entire fraternity.Most of you guys know Tyler and everyone knows that he likes being the house bitch, so this was an ordinary night for him. Once they got buzzed he knew that he was going to get fucked that night.

The poor even got gagged and tied up by them. When they were buzzed the guys like playing with their house bitch, to make sure that the bastard doesn’t run away or start screaming. They got an insane hangover and the guys decided not to tell anyone about their little fuck fest, so let’s keep this between us. Unfortunately for them one of the guys recorded everything and share it us. Below you can see them in action and it’s an amazing one. We’ll bring you more frat x hunks fucking and sucking next time, so stay tuned. Enjoy!

Watch here the frat guys ass slamming their brother!