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The frat guys found a new house bitch to clean up after them. Riley was new there and on his first day, he spends the day with some of the fraternity guys. They seemed pretty nice guys so he agreed to go to their frat house that same night to know the other guys too. Riley really enjoys getting his ass fucked so when he saw what was going on in their house, he knew that was the place for him.

Riley always was a people pleaser so the guys took advantage of that and he ended up being the house bitch. He usually cleaned up after the guys, did all of their assignments and most importantly took their loads. Sometimes the guys like messing around with him so they tied him down and pound his poor ass. That keeps him from squirming around and it also gets the guys more excited. Click to find out what the guys did to the new guy!



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Grab Him By The Mussy

The fraternity guys are back in action. You never get bored with them because they always find an ass to bang in the entire campus. Everything happened on a Monday morning around 11am. The guys were still drunk from last night and horny as hell. So this was the perfect time to shoot another crazy video for you guys. They had another new guy around the house, a hot blonde dude that just transferred and he picked the worst time to walk around the house in his boxers. As we said the guys were horny as hell, so this was perfect timing for them. He was looking all pretty and shit.

While he was walking around the living room one of the guys grabbed him by the mussy. They didn’t even bother to take off his boxers and ripped them off him. The new guy was a bit surprised to see the guys so turned on, but he loved all the attention he was getting from everyone. Being a new guy there, you want to get along with everyone, but especially with the older guys. The guys shoved their dicks in his tight young ass, stretching it to the limits. Although he didn’t want to upset the guys, he couldn’t take it anymore and started screaming. Well, everyone knows that they don’t like screamers. The guys told the newcomer to shut up and take it like a man. All the frat guys got to pound that ass out. Click here to see it!

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  • Updated February 22, 2020
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Fratboy Tied Up

A cute fratboy got a taste of what college life really is in this video. This dude couldn’t wait to leave home and to party all day long, so he was the perfect asset for the guys. The guys saw him drunk before, but never as drunk as he was today. The guy could barely stand on his own, so the guys thought to have some fun with him and shoot another great video for you guys. Because he was so drunk it wasn’t too hard to wrestle him down to the ground. The guys didn’t even have to bother to undress him because once he landed on the floor he started taking off his own clothes, so he did all of their work. The guys took turns on shoving their fat dicks up his tight straight ass hole.

As everyone knows that tighter is better! One of the guys’ sweaty balls were slapping against his face as he was getting face fucked. The frat guys keep getting screamers because this one just wouldn’t shut up either. The guys had to tie his sorry ass to the bench and to duck tape his mouth. After the guys finished dumping their cum in his hole they left the poor guy there all by himself, tied and with his mouth fuck taped. The frat guys hit again and this one is by far one of the best scenes you are going to see! Click below to see the entire picture gallery to see them in action!

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Slobbering Hole Fucked

It was recruiting week for the fraternities and the guys made their picks as they saw fit. But they couldn’t test the guys before so they were expecting some surprises. One of the guys that joined their frat house had a little dick and the guys didn’t find out until one of them accidentally caught him in the shower. He had to tell it to the rest of the guys and that made everyone curious. The guys knew that they had to test him and they did it today in front of their cameras. He was in the main room chilling while playing some video games when he saw all the guy coming his way.

The guys pushed him against the wall and started pounding him. He was right, he really had a small dick but except that he was doing a great job. The dumb ass guy gives a really good head. It seemed like the frat guys face fucked him forever and he was slobbering all over their cocks. The frat guys made him suck it clean and finished it by dumping their loads up his ass. We sure enjoy their frat life and all the newcomers that join their fraternity. The poor guys don’t have even the slightest idea of what it really going on in that house. Click here to see them in action in another great frat video!

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  • Updated February 24, 2020
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Loaded Hole

The fraternity guys are back with another straight guy getting fucked by them. Lately, they had a lot of straight guys visiting their house and joining their parties. Everyone knew what happened in that house so they went to their parties knowing that the guys get carried away after getting buzzed. This straight guy drank way more that he should and landed in one of the guy’s bedroom. When the frat guy entered the room and saw a tight straight ass he called the guys to join him.

The poor bastard was so hammered up that he didn’t wake up at all. The guys took turns on loading up his tight straight ass. After the guys finished with their part they woke up the guy and the first thing he saw was their big fat dicks in his face. We must admit the guy took pretty well the guys’ dicks, for a straight guy. The poor guy ends up being a campus star after the guy released some pictures with them sucking the straight guy’s ass. He knew how wild these parties were but this was way more that he wouldn’t expect. But he took it extremely well so we won’t be surprised to see him around the more from now on. Click here to see them in action!

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Stuffed and Hungover

They are back and they have another amazing scene for us. Another drunk guy was begging for their dicks in this latest fraternity x video. Mickey likes partying way too much and most of the time he is drunk begging to get fucked. Last night the guys had another great party and Mikey didn’t stop drinking since then. Everyone went to sleep and when they woke up, they found him around the house looking for more booze. He literally cleaned the entire house and was a complete mess. He could barely stand on his feet and the guys took advantage of that.

Mikey was used to getting fucked while he was drunk, that made things more fun for him. So when the guys saw him that afternoon they jumped over him and showed him a great time once more. The guys started stuffing his ass up using a dildo right before the guy passed out. The guy got both of his holes pounded hard. The frat guys banged his face and ass too. After they dumped their loads in his ass they finally left him alone, passed out on the bed. A normal day for Mikey. We really hope to see him back really soon, because he gives us some of the best scenes here at the fraternityx. Click here to see him in action and we’ll see you next time with more horny frat guys in action!

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  • Updated February 28, 2020
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Liquored Up & Fucked

Hey there and welcome back! As promised we have another update for you guys! The frat guys had some rules you had to respect if you wanted to live in their house and they made sure that everyone respected them. The older guys knew them, but some of the new guys found them out the hard way. One of those rules was that you always finish your beer. Usually, the guys fight over the last beer, so when they saw one of the new guys leaving half a beer on the table they decided to teach him a lesson. The poor guy had all of the older frat members around him and they gave him a good ass pounding, a pounding he won’t forget too soon.

But the guys just can’t get a break, because they got another screamer. They were so sick of these guys screaming so they had to shut his mouth too. They stuffed his mouth with their cocks while the rest of the guys continued pounding their asses. With all the screaming, he still seemed to enjoy it but from now on he will know better. Nobody wastes alcohol in their frat house and they weren’t going to started today with this spoiled new guy. The frat guys gave us another amazing ass fucking scene and you can check out the entire picture gallery below. We’ll bring more tomorrow so until then enjoy this steamy episode!

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Toga Bitch

The frat guys did it again and we have the video to prove it. The frat guys never liked the togas, so when of the guys appeared dressed in one they took it very seriously. They dragged him to the bed and plowed his fuck hole. These guys really know how to piss off the frat guys and they aren’t taking it anymore. It started as a joke but they weren’t in the mood for jokes that day. The poor guy thought that he would be funny but it wasn’t the case because he ended up pissing everyone off and he paid for it. While they were chilling around the house they saw the toga guy entering the living room with a huge smile on his face. He couldn’t even imagine what was going to happen next!

The toga guy was dragged to his room where the guys took turns on stuffing his ass. They didn’t have any mercy on his poor ass and you are going to see that in the video below. The toga bitch got totally screwed and we enjoyed every second of it, especially when the poor guy started screaming. Everyone knows that the guys don’t really enjoy screamers so besides his ass he got his face fucked too. He just can’t catch a break with these guys. You can see him in the video below and stay tuned for more updates!

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  • Updated March 3, 2020
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Fuck That Ass

The frat guys have another great one for us and they caught it on camera too. This time a disrespectful newbie was talking trash to the entire fraternity so the guys had to teach him a lesson. The poor guy got his tight ass fucked by all the guys and it will be read for weeks. The big mouthed punk was around the house talking trash about everyone and insulting everyone that crossed his way. Well, the guys weren’t going to take it especially from a guy that’s been there for a few weeks. They recruited some new guys a few days ago and most of them were cool, except big mouth over here, but he was going to respect every one after his one, that’s for sure. 

He had to be taught a lesson and the guys didn’t have any mercy on his sorry ass. They pinned him down on the floor and started shoving their dicks up his ass. They had to shut up his mouth with their dicks, the poor bastard just wouldn’t stop screaming. The frat guys took turns with the new guy and then left him in his bed and like we said his sorry ass will be red for a few weeks. That should teach him a lesson, never talk trash to your fraternity bros. See him in action below and we’ll bring you more next time so stay tuned!

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Gagged And Banged

The fraternity x gang is back with another gay video. The fuckboy gets fucked up, gagged and tied up in this video. The poor guy didn’t really like that he was the house fuckboy and from time to time the guys liked fucking him. He wasn’t always in the mood, but that didn’t really matter for them because they like getting him tied and gagged and do their business. Last night was one of those nights and the guys started chasing him around the house and they caught him and tied him up in the closet waiting until they were horned up. It took them too long to get there so they went to the closet to get their fuck guy for the night. There was something about him that the guys really liked, maybe because he was so against it.

Well, the guys got there and they dragged him out of the closet and threw him on the floor, on his knees so the guys could slam his ass with their raw dicks. The fuckboy even tried to run away at one porn but the guy grabbed him and put him in his place. The fucker isn’t going anywhere, not until the guys paint him with their jizz loads. The guys didn’t have any mercy on him or his holes and you can see that during their video below. This was all for today, but we’ll have more from your favorite frat house soon. Enjoy it!


See this guy getting tied up and ass fucked!

  • Updated March 7, 2020
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