Stuffed and Hungover

They are back and they have another amazing scene for us. Another drunk guy was begging for their dicks in this latest fraternity x video. Mickey likes partying way too much and most of the time he is drunk begging to get fucked. Last night the guys had another great party and Mikey didn’t stop drinking since then. Everyone went to sleep and when they woke up, they found him around the house looking for more booze. He literally cleaned the entire house and was a complete mess. He could barely stand on his feet and the guys took advantage of that.

Mikey was used to getting fucked while he was drunk, that made things more fun for him. So when the guys saw him that afternoon they jumped over him and showed him a great time once more. The guys started stuffing his ass up using a dildo right before the guy passed out. The guy got both of his holes pounded hard. The frat guys banged his face and ass too. After they dumped their loads in his ass they finally left him alone, passed out on the bed. A normal day for Mikey. We really hope to see him back really soon, because he gives us some of the best scenes here at the fraternityx. Click here to see him in action and we’ll see you next time with more horny frat guys in action!

See this frat guy getting both of his holes fucked!

  • Updated February 28, 2017
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