Slobbering Hole Fucked

It was recruiting week for the fraternities and the guys made their picks as they saw fit. But they couldn’t test the guys before so they were expecting some surprises. One of the guys that joined their frat house had a little dick and the guys didn’t find out until one of them accidentally caught him in the shower. He had to tell it to the rest of the guys and that made everyone curious. The guys knew that they had to test him and they did it today in front of their cameras. He was in the main room chilling while playing some video games when he saw all the guy coming his way.

The guys pushed him against the wall and started pounding him. He was right, he really had a small dick but except that he was doing a great job. The dumb ass guy gives a really good head. It seemed like the frat guys face fucked him forever and he was slobbering all over their cocks. The frat guys made him suck it clean and finished it by dumping their loads up his ass. We sure enjoy their frat life and all the newcomers that join their fraternity. The poor guys don’t have even the slightest idea of what it really going on in that house. Click here to see them in action in another great frat video!

Watch here the frat guys fucking this guy’s ass!

  • Updated February 24, 2017
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