Pass Around Ass

Well it happened again. You can’t expect too much from these guys mainly because they are wasted most of the time, so no one was surprised to see them turning their brother into a slut and passing his sorry ass around. The guys were drinking and smoking when one of their brothers started talking and arguing with everyone. Stone just couldn’t keep his mouth shut and the guys weren’t going to let him get away so easy. They told him a couple of time but he just wouldn’t listen so they had to take a more drastic measure.  The dumb as just wouldn’t shut the fuck up so tey left them no choice. They were out of duct tape so they had to use their dick instead to keep him quiet but it did the trick.

Their dicks seemed a great way to shut him up. Everything was a blur for everyone there but luckily they had the camera turned on and they recorded everything for us. The guys kept on passing Stone around the room so everyone got the chance to bang his sorry ass while the other guys took turns on stuffing his mouth with their fat dicks. Check them out in action in the video below and please make sure you return for more steamy gay updates staring your favorite fraternity guys. Enjoy!

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  • Updated March 21, 2017
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