Muscle Butt Bro

Frat bro  Mike has a really nice ass and the guys noticed it too. Sometimes when the guys get a bit out of control they love bending him over and pounding his hole raw. Mike is used to servicing the guys’ dicks getting load after load. Mike got used to the guys and to the fact that after every single party he gets his ass fucked. They always made comments about this fine ass, so he expected to get pounded as soon as they are buzzed.

Mike saw them at the last party looking all weird and slapping his ass each time he passed by so there wasn’t any surprise that he got his ass fucked. The frat guys took turns on banging his ass raw and like we said poor Mike got load after load dumped in his fine ass. The guys had to tie him up too and they put some duct tape on his mouth so he would shut the fuck up. Although there was a lot of screaming you could tell that Mike like it more that he showed it. Anyway, he was asking for it with an ass like his. You can see the frat guys in action in the video below and we are sure that you are going to enjoy it as much as we did. See you next time with more hardcore gay fucking videos!

See these frat guys banging Mike’s ass!

  • Updated March 13, 2017
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