Loaded Hole

The fraternity guys are back with another straight guy getting fucked by them. Lately, they had a lot of straight guys visiting their house and joining their parties. Everyone knew what happened in that house so they went to their parties knowing that the guys get carried away after getting buzzed. This straight guy drank way more that he should and landed in one of the guy’s bedroom. When the frat guy entered the room and saw a tight straight ass he called the guys to join him.

The poor bastard was so hammered up that he didn’t wake up at all. The guys took turns on loading up his tight straight ass. After the guys finished with their part they woke up the guy and the first thing he saw was their big fat dicks in his face. We must admit the guy took pretty well the guys’ dicks, for a straight guy. The poor guy ends up being a campus star after the guy released some pictures with them sucking the straight guy’s ass. He knew how wild these parties were but this was way more that he wouldn’t expect. But he took it extremely well so we won’t be surprised to see him around the more from now on. Click here to see them in action!

See the frat guys banging another straight guy!