Liquored Up & Fucked

Hey there and welcome back! As promised we have another update for you guys! The frat guys had some rules you had to respect if you wanted to live in their house and they made sure that everyone respected them. The older guys knew them, but some of the new guys found them out the hard way. One of those rules was that you always finish your beer. Usually, the guys fight over the last beer, so when they saw one of the new guys leaving half a beer on the table they decided to teach him a lesson. The poor guy had all of the older frat members around him and they gave him a good ass pounding, a pounding he won’t forget too soon.

But the guys just can’t get a break, because they got another screamer. They were so sick of these guys screaming so they had to shut his mouth too. They stuffed his mouth with their cocks while the rest of the guys continued pounding their asses. With all the screaming, he still seemed to enjoy it but from now on he will know better. Nobody wastes alcohol in their frat house and they weren’t going to started today with this spoiled new guy. The frat guys gave us another amazing ass fucking scene and you can check out the entire picture gallery below. We’ll bring more tomorrow so until then enjoy this steamy episode!

Watch here these frat guys banging a freshman!