Hazed Hard And Raw

The frat guys were chilling, like they always do, watching some tv when they found this match. Frat bro Gauge just couldn’t understand how these fights really work so they guys wanted to show him. But as they were grabbing him, he accidentally touched one of the guy’s dick. He called him out but apparently, he touched everyone’s dick too. The little fag had to learn a lesson. The guys bent him over the living room couch and they all took turns slamming his tight ass raw. They end fucking the poor guy all over the house and he went through it all during that intense fucking marathon.

Struggling, crying and enjoying himself and them blowing a load on his face. Gauge is such a little pig slut. He even licked all the of the guys’ loads in his ass too. Gauge had a hell of a night but that’s what you get when you keep on touch other’s guys’ dicks without their approval. He wanted action and that’s what he got in this one and he isn’t going to forget too soon. You can see everything that happened in the gallery below. The guys had to take pictures during the entire fuck marathon. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more fraternity updates!

Watch here the frat guys fucking their bro!