Grab Him By The Mussy

The fraternity guys are back in action. You never get bored with them because they always find an ass to bang in the entire campus. Everything happened on a Monday morning around 11am. The guys were still drunk from last night and horny as hell. So this was the perfect time to shoot another crazy video for you guys. They had another new guy around the house, a hot blonde dude that just transferred and he picked the worst time to walk around the house in his boxers. As we said the guys were horny as hell, so this was perfect timing for them. He was looking all pretty and shit.

While he was walking around the living room one of the guys grabbed him by the mussy. They didn’t even bother to take off his boxers and ripped them off him. The new guy was a bit surprised to see the guys so turned on, but he loved all the attention he was getting from everyone. Being a new guy there, you want to get along with everyone, but especially with the older guys. The guys shoved their dicks in his tight young ass, stretching it to the limits. Although he didn’t want to upset the guys, he couldn’t take it anymore and started screaming. Well, everyone knows that they don’t like screamers. The guys told the newcomer to shut up and take it like a man. All the frat guys got to pound that ass out. Click here to see it!

Check out the newcomer getting his young ass drilled!

  • Updated February 22, 2017
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