Gagged And Banged

The fraternity x gang is back with another gay video. The fuckboy gets fucked up, gagged and tied up in this video. The poor guy didn’t really like that he was the house fuckboy and from time to time the guys liked fucking him. He wasn’t always in the mood, but that didn’t really matter for them because they like getting him tied and gagged and do their business. Last night was one of those nights and the guys started chasing him around the house and they caught him and tied him up in the closet waiting until they were horned up. It took them too long to get there so they went to the closet to get their fuck guy for the night. There was something about him that the guys really liked, maybe because he was so against it.

Well, the guys got there and they dragged him out of the closet and threw him on the floor, on his knees so the guys could slam his ass with their raw dicks. The fuckboy even tried to run away at one porn but the guy grabbed him and put him in his place. The fucker isn’t going anywhere, not until the guys paint him with their jizz loads. The guys didn’t have any mercy on him or his holes and you can see that during their video below. This was all for today, but we’ll have more from your favorite frat house soon. Enjoy it!


See this guy getting tied up and ass fucked!

  • Updated March 7, 2017
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