Fratboy Tied Up

A cute fratboy got a taste of what college life really is in this video. This dude couldn’t wait to leave home and to party all day long, so he was the perfect asset for the guys. The guys saw him drunk before, but never as drunk as he was today. The guy could barely stand on his own, so the guys thought to have some fun with him and shoot another great video for you guys. Because he was so drunk it wasn’t too hard to wrestle him down to the ground. The guys didn’t even have to bother to undress him because once he landed on the floor he started taking off his own clothes, so he did all of their work. The guys took turns on shoving their fat dicks up his tight straight ass hole.

As everyone knows that tighter is better! One of the guys’ sweaty balls were slapping against his face as he was getting face fucked. The frat guys keep getting screamers because this one just wouldn’t shut up either. The guys had to tie his sorry ass to the bench and to duck tape his mouth. After the guys finished dumping their cum in his hole they left the poor guy there all by himself, tied and with his mouth fuck taped. The frat guys hit again and this one is by far one of the best scenes you are going to see! Click below to see the entire picture gallery to see them in action!

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