Frat Bro Fucked

The fraternity guys did it again in this latest episode. They were all fucked up, smoking weed, drinking beers and from that things got really foggy. The guys were watching a wrestling match and all that they remember is that one of the guys told them that he thinks wrestlers are hot. Next, they were all around him forcing their dicks down their brother’s throat and shoving them up his ass. Brother John got used to the frat bros blowing loads up his ass. Everyone knew that once they got hammered up they would bang anything with a pulse and that night he was the one at the receiving end.

You can’t mess around with the frat guys when they are wasted, they don’t really think too clear and you can see that in the picture gallery below. Even the smallest things can turn them on and from that point on everyone can get banged. This was John’s night because they guys took their time to fuck his sorry ass and they did an amazing job again. You just can’t catch a break with these guys. When you think things can’t get wilder here there are with another banger. No one is safe in the frat house and the guys really like fucking them as often as they can. Luckily they recorded it all because after how much they had to drink they surely forgot about it. See their hot update below!

Check out the frat guys stuffing brother John’s ass!