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Fresh College Meat

Hey there and welcome back for another great fraternity x video. The frat guys got lucky again and found a fresh ass to bang and we are going to tell everything about this. His name is Ian and he became the house bitch in a really short amount of time. Ian was new in their class and after the way, he looked at everyone’s ass the guys knew that he was a great addition to the frat house. The guys invited him to their house that same night and threw a party for him. The poor guy didn’t know how to things work around their house, but the guy taught him later that night and he won’t forget that lesson and you can see everything below.

After they all got buzzed and smoked they decided to try out Ian and see if he fits in their household. The guys cornered him and bent him over the couch and started banging him in the middle of the house. Every guy there joined in for some action and Ian took it like a champ. the guys didn’t even need to tie him up or use any duct tape. He really likes getting fucked you could see it on his face as the guys got to pound his hot ass. After everyone dumped their loads in their brother’s ass they finally let him alone. Click here to see them in action and stay tuned for more!


See these frat guys banging their new brother!

Ass Bashing

Hey there and welcome back! The guys had some ass bashing on their hands in this fraternity x latest update. The house bitch is the one getting all the action while cleaning out the house. The poor guy pissed the frat guys again and got his ass pounded hard, again! Tyler gets the guys angry each time it’s his cleaning day. He’s so focused on finishing everything, that sometimes he doesn’t pay too much attention at the rest of the guys. This time he decided to clean the closet above the TV while the guys were watching a fight. Right when it was about to finish he just stood there blocking the entire TV. The guys had that and everyone knew that including Tyler, but it was too late to fix it now because everyone was pissed with him.

By the way, they were screaming at him, Tyler knew what was going to happen next and he was right. The frat guys pinned his ass to the ground and started shoving their dicks in his hole. The guys pounded his face too. They nailed him real good this time. Before we go on, please visit for other the full fraternity x videos! Coming back, Tyler got used to that after living in their house for so long. The frat guys always get Tyler, that’s how he became the house bitch. See them in action below and don’t forget to get back for more updates from your favourite fraternity house.

Take a look at these frat guys banging the house bitch!

Horny Frat-Boys Fuck

Hey there and welcome back! The horny gay frat porn guys had a crazy party last night and like every one of their fraternity parties, there was a lot of drinking and ass-fucking. The guys really don’t know when to stop and today they are paying for that with the worst hangover. The guys really didn’t want to do anything so they were chilling in the frat house watching some sports. But as they were watching the game, one of the frat guys started looking for his backpack around the TV and kept blocking their view.

The guys told him once, told him twice to move but he just wouldn’t listen to them. It looked like the guys got a new guy to bang and they sure love having some fresh meat to fuck around with. So the next time the smart ass blocked the TV, they threw his ass on the ground and drilled him a brand new hole. It sure was a full afternoon and the guys delivered us, like every single time, an insane scene. Below you have the entire gallery from their frat boy fucking fiesta.


Take a look at these frat guys drilling their asses!

Loosen Him Up

The frat guys were chilling around the house this afternoon. They didn’t have too much to do that day so it was the perfect time to jerk off their dicks a bit more while enjoying some porn. The guys got carried away and thought to welcome one of the pledges to their frat house. They didn’t get the chance to properly welcome everyone that joined their fraternity house so this was their chance. Everyone knew that the guys throw the wildest parties, where everyone wants to go. The entire campus knew that they like to show the new guys a really good time.

The new guy wasn’t too interested in their idea so the guys had to convince him. The guys tied him, but he wouldn’t stop screaming so they had to cover his mouth too. The gay frat guys had a hell of a time nailing his ass and then covering his face with jizz in front of the camera. These frat guys just won’t stop so make sure you stay tuned for more updates. We hope to see this guy in more updates. But until then enjoy this one!


Watch here these frat guys nailing their asses!

DP Frat Fuck

The frat guys found a new house bitch to clean up after them. Riley was new there and on his first day, he spends the day with some of the fraternity guys. They seemed pretty nice guys so he agreed to go to their frat house that same night to know the other guys too. Riley really enjoys getting his ass fucked so when he saw what was going on in their house, he knew that was the place for him.

Riley always was a people pleaser so the guys took advantage of that and he ended up being the house bitch. He usually cleaned up after the guys, did all of their assignments and most importantly took their loads. Sometimes the guys like messing around with him so they tied him down and pound his poor ass. That keeps him from squirming around and it also gets the guys more excited. Click to find out what the guys did to the new guy!



Take a look at the house bitch getting ass fucked!

Fratboy Tied Up

A cute fratboy got a taste of what college life really is in this video. This dude couldn’t wait to leave home and to party all day long, so he was the perfect asset for the guys. The guys saw him drunk before, but never as drunk as he was today. The guy could barely stand on his own, so the guys thought to have some fun with him and shoot another great video for you guys. Because he was so drunk it wasn’t too hard to wrestle him down to the ground. The guys didn’t even have to bother to undress him because once he landed on the floor he started taking off his own clothes, so he did all of their work. The guys took turns on shoving their fat dicks up his tight straight ass hole.

As everyone knows that tighter is better! One of the guys’ sweaty balls were slapping against his face as he was getting face fucked. The frat guys keep getting screamers because this one just wouldn’t shut up either. The guys had to tie his sorry ass to the bench and to duck tape his mouth. After the guys finished dumping their cum in his hole they left the poor guy there all by himself, tied and with his mouth fuck taped. The frat guys hit again and this one is by far one of the best scenes you are going to see! Click below to see the entire picture gallery to see them in action!

Take a look at this straight guy getting his ass fucked!

Loaded Hole

The fraternity guys are back with another straight guy getting fucked by them. Lately, they had a lot of straight guys visiting their house and joining their parties. Everyone knew what happened in that house so they went to their parties knowing that the guys get carried away after getting buzzed. This straight guy drank way more that he should and landed in one of the guy’s bedroom. When the frat guy entered the room and saw a tight straight ass he called the guys to join him.

The poor bastard was so hammered up that he didn’t wake up at all. The guys took turns on loading up his tight straight ass. After the guys finished with their part they woke up the guy and the first thing he saw was their big fat dicks in his face. We must admit the guy took pretty well the guys’ dicks, for a straight guy. The poor guy ends up being a campus star after the guy released some pictures with them sucking the straight guy’s ass. He knew how wild these parties were but this was way more that he wouldn’t expect. But he took it extremely well so we won’t be surprised to see him around the more from now on. Click here to see them in action!

See the frat guys banging another straight guy!


Liquored Up & Fucked

Hey there and welcome back! As promised we have another update for you guys! The frat guys had some rules you had to respect if you wanted to live in their house and they made sure that everyone respected them. The older guys knew them, but some of the new guys found them out the hard way. One of those rules was that you always finish your beer. Usually, the guys fight over the last beer, so when they saw one of the new guys leaving half a beer on the table they decided to teach him a lesson. The poor guy had all of the older frat members around him and they gave him a good ass pounding, a pounding he won’t forget too soon.

But the guys just can’t get a break, because they got another screamer. They were so sick of these guys screaming so they had to shut his mouth too. They stuffed his mouth with their cocks while the rest of the guys continued pounding their asses. With all the screaming, he still seemed to enjoy it but from now on he will know better. Nobody wastes alcohol in their frat house and they weren’t going to started today with this spoiled new guy. The frat guys gave us another amazing ass fucking scene and you can check out the entire picture gallery below. We’ll bring more tomorrow so until then enjoy this steamy episode!

Watch here these frat guys banging a freshman!

Fuck That Ass

The frat guys have another great one for us and they caught it on camera too. This time a disrespectful newbie was talking trash to the entire fraternity so the guys had to teach him a lesson. The poor guy got his tight ass fucked by all the guys and it will be read for weeks. The big mouthed punk was around the house talking trash about everyone and insulting everyone that crossed his way. Well, the guys weren’t going to take it especially from a guy that’s been there for a few weeks. They recruited some new guys a few days ago and most of them were cool, except big mouth over here, but he was going to respect every one after his one, that’s for sure. 

He had to be taught a lesson and the guys didn’t have any mercy on his sorry ass. They pinned him down on the floor and started shoving their dicks up his ass. They had to shut up his mouth with their dicks, the poor bastard just wouldn’t stop screaming. The frat guys took turns with the new guy and then left him in his bed and like we said his sorry ass will be red for a few weeks. That should teach him a lesson, never talk trash to your fraternity bros. See him in action below and we’ll bring you more next time so stay tuned!

Enjoy watching the frat guys ass fucking this new guy!

Swole Bottom Bro

The frat guys are back with another amazing update and the guys had a blast as they banged Mike’s ass in this update. The guys were sitting, having a couple of drinks and smoking when they saw Mike walking around the room. One look and they started thinking about his bubbly ass and what it looked like in the shower. They knew that they got to pound him. Mike didn’t really had a chance with all those guys on him.

They took turns on feeding him, most of the time with two cocks at once, stuffing his mouth and his asshole raw. All the guys got the chance to pound him bareback and filled him up with cum. We can swear that Mike liked it too. It’s not like this is the first time this happened, he got used to it after his first week there. Mike’s ass always got a lot of looks, either when he was coming out of the shower or just when he was walking around the house. The guys had a thing for him and they weren’t too shy about it. So if you want to see more of Mike’s scene you can check out some of the older updates too. This was all from our favorite gay frat guys but we are sure that they are going to return with more steamy guy on guy fuck scenes for you guys. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time!

Watch here this guy taking two cocks at once!