Ass Slammers

The guys were getting ready for one more legendary frat parties. They were all boozed up and waiting in line to get in the shower. They only had one bathroom, so everyone was waiting for their turn. One of the frat brothers tried to sneak in front of everyone and was acting like nobody would notice. Guess who needed a lesson? The guys let him go to his shower with one condition. He had to get slammed by all of the guys while he was in there. The fucking slut took all three of the frat guys waiting in line. He thought that he can get away with it and that no one would notice him sneak in front. Well this is going to teach him a lesson he won’t forget too soon.


The guys continued their pre-party rituals and continued drinking and smoked some green to help them loosen up. Tyler, the sorry ass bitch that cut the line was way looser after the guys were done pounding his hole in every fucking direction. Everyone knows how much Tyler loves dicks and in this one, he shows it one more time. See them in another insane frat fucking marathon in the scene below and don’t forget to get back for more fraternity x gay fucking updates!


Enjoy watching these frat guys slamming their brother!